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Banner Name Nation Recipe Links
Commonwealth Banner.png The Commonwealth The Commonwealth White Banner, Yellow Flower Charge, White Per Fess Inverted, Yellow Lozenge, White Roundel, White Base
Maester Alliance Banner.png Maester Alliance N/A Orange Banner, Red Lozenge, Orange Roundel, Red Flower Charge
Meditat Banner.png Meditat The Commonwealth White Banner, Yellow Field Masoned, Blue Per Bend, Blue Per Bend Sinister, White Flower Charge, Blue Roundel, Yellow Roundel
Arran Banner.png Arran The Commonwealth Light Blue Banner, Red Lozenge, Red Bordure Indented, White Roundel, White Bordure
Albion The Commonwealth Blue Banner, White Saltire, White Pale, Red Cross
Nymph The Commonwealth Magenta Banner, White Saltire, White Bordure Indented, White Cross, Magenta Flower Charge
Kracken The Commonwealth White Banner, White Play, Black Flower Charge, Black Per Fess, White Bordure Indented
Strassburg The Commonwealth
Pacembanner.png Pacem Pacem Blue Banner, Black Per Pale Inverted, White Pale, White Roundel
Maltovia Banner.png Maltovia Maltovia Black Banner, Red Per Pale, Red Per Pale Inverted, White Chief Indented, Red Pale, Red Pale, White Pale Dexter
Crowsroost Tower Banner.png Crowsroost Tower Verda
Caledonia Banner.png Caledonia Caledonia Blue Banner, White bend Sinister, White Bend, White Pale, White Fess, Light Blue Cross, Light Blue Saltire
OFRBanner.png Omerican Federal Republic Omerican Federal Republic
20180630 110556.png Xalta Moro Xalta Moro
Laconia Banner.png Laconia Laconia
Lusitania Banner FlagPNG.png Escudo Português Lusitania White Banner, Blue Lozenge, White Saltire, Blue Pale, White Paly, Red Bordure
SATO-banner.png SATO N/A
Spqr banner.PNG SPQR SPQR Red Banner, Yellow Flower Charge, Red Roundel, Red Inverted Chevron, Yellow Chief Indented
Varkonia Banner.png Varkonia Varkonia White Banner, Black Pale, White Roundel, Red Fess, White Pale Dexter, White Pale Sinister
Astonia Banner .png Astonia Astonia Purple Banner, Blue Saltire, Red Cross
Pinnacle Banner.png Pinnacle Verda
Yoahtl Yoahtl White Banner, Red Pale Dexter, Yellow Pale Sinister, White Roundel, Black Flower Charge, White Lozenge, Black Roundel
Gensokyo Banner.png Gensokyo Gensokyo White Banner, Red Per Bend Sinister Inverted, Red Chief Dexter Canton, White Base Sinister Canton, White Pale Dexter, Red Pale Sinister
Order of St. Marcus N/A White Banner, Brown Per Fess, Brown Per Fess Inverted, Blue Cross
GrandImperiumBanner.PNG Grand Imperium Grand Imperium Cyan Banner, Black Base, White Chief
Verda Verda Red Banner, Green Chief Sinister Canton, Green Per Pale, Red Chief Dexter Canton, Light Gray Roundel, Yellow Flower Charge
Mount Augusta Mount Augusta Blue Banner, Red Chief Sinister Canton, Red Chief Sinister Canton, Red Chief Sinister Canton
Impasse Corvus White Banner, Black Lozenge, White Saltire, Black Inverted Chevron, Black Chevron, Blue Base, Yellow Chief
Etherium Etherium Red Banner, Black Inverted Chevron, Black Chevron, Orange Base Indented, Yellow Saltire, Orange Chief Indented, Black Bordure Indented
Savion Savion White Banner, Black Per Fess Inverted, Black Chief, White Pale