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Kaiser BlueSylvaer I in full battle regalia
Kaiser BlueSylvaer I in full battle regalia
NameBlueSylvaer I, Former Kaiser of the United Federal Republic of Hjaltland
TitlesLord of Falena - Duke of Hjault - First SATO Chairman.

BlueSylvaer I is the former Kaiser of the United Federal Republic of Hjaltland and form de-facto head of the Western Alliance and SATO. He was banned from CivClassic in January 2019.

Early Life

BlueSylvaer began as a lowly farmer, but his intense drive to apply entrepreneurial spirit to every endeavor effected his meteoric rise to the spotlight. One of the most productive and reliable EXP suppliers in late Civ 2.0, Civ 3.0, and CivClassic, he has established a large following. The founding of Hjaltland was more of an economic move than anything, but his wealth would soon draw increasing envy and lead to the military buildup of Hjaltland.


Blue established Hjaltland in a taiga - native territory for the Nordic nation - far in the south of the world. Seeking to avoid as much scrutiny as possible, he led the country in a period of rapid expansion. By August, 2017, he would be the owner of the largest vault on the server. Despite such ostentatious builds, Hjaltland Proper saw little raiding activity.

On October 8th, 2017, sintralin's "Nox" faction - formerly known as Lexington - declared war on Hjaltland. After acknowledging the declaration, Hjaltland quickly mobilized, destroying Nox infrastructure in the End and removing bunkers near its ally, the Commonwealth. 6 months and many pearls later, Blue led the diplomatic and military effort to end the war. His shrewd tactics saw the Western Alliance's power waxing and Nox reduced to hunkering in the North World Border Vault. On April 9th, 2018, a coalition force led by Hjaltland, Mir, and SATO fighters broke Nox's vault and pearled much of the nation's leadership, ending the war.