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CivClassic is a Civ server largely inspired by the success of Civcraft, particularly 2.0. Owned by TealNerd and moderated by an admin team of Maxopoly, LordOfMarzipan, Dsclouse and Iebagi, it brought back many staple mechanics of Civcraft that had been lost after the downfall of 3.0 and the move to Devoted.

CivClassic was made as a result of the disconnect has formed between the direction of Civcraft:Worlds and the player base. As the player base has cited the complexity of the game and the focus of the Civcraft administration, TealNerd wanted to create a new Civ-style server to combine the best of all Civcraft iterations.[1]

Launched on 2 June 2017, it is currently running at the longest running Civ server.[2]


CivClassic imports many various mechanics from Civcraft and other Civ-like predecessors.

  • One of the most notable is that it brings back Citadel and its NameLayer, allowing players to reinforce and protect their stuff.
  • FactoryMod allows factories to mass produce different necessary items in the game.
  • Various combat changes were implemented to make PvP similar to earlier iterations.
  • JukeAlert enables jukeboxes and note blocks to track movement through a certain area.
  • PrisonPearl, and later ExilePearl, allowed players to deliver justice on their own terms.
  • ItemExchange allows for exchange between different items, effectively adding player-made shops.
  • Realistic Biomes modifies growth rate for crops in different biomes.
  • HiddenOre & Orebfuscator changes the mining process to prevent hackers as well as make it slightly more chance-based.
  • Kira is a bot made by Maxopoly and was added in 2018 that relayed messages from outside of game into the game.
  • The map is a circle with a radius of 13,000 blocks, a size similar to Civcraft 2.0.

World Map

A player-created world map of the CivClassic world can be found here and was created by Gjum. As this map relies on player input, some of the data may be inaccurate or out of date.


CivClassic Beta (Early 2017)

did anyone play this? idk help

Dawn of a New Server

gosh this is too hard

The Somber War (Late 2017, Early 2018)

oh come on i already wrote about this/ But you also might want to mention that Rekt was the one who fashioned the somber war name with his video

Peace & Regional Allies (Late 2018)

This was generally supposed to be about the generally peaceful time between FRIENDS and SATO, and how conflict developed during that time.

Infinity War (2019-2020)

It's the infinity war, I really don't know how to do it


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