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Category:Civilization A to Z

Quality and standards in this category are grossly inconsistent. Beginning on January 16th 2020, CivWiki will improve pages in this category from A to Z, with a focus on particularly significant civilizations.

Improvement does not necessarily mean a task as extensive as rewriting an article. The primary goal of this WikiProject is so a new player could read the wiki without being confused over what information is accurate. Many pages are categorized as good articles even if they contain significant factual errors. These page categories should be updated and warnings should be placed on pages which are particularly misleading.

Current page status is available on Talk:CivWiki:Editing Projects

It may be helpful to refer to CivWiki:Editing Guide

Update meta pages

Meta pages such as CivWiki:Editing Projects and CivWiki:Editing Guide are perhaps the most important to keep updated and clear. It must be clear how to edit a page and to what standards a page is judged.

Civcraft 2.0 Importing

You'll see there are lots of pages under CivcraftImport:. That's all the stuff from the old Civcraft 2.0 wiki. Follow CivcraftImport:How to for more details on integrating them into the wiki.


Make table containing all Civ flags. (see : Flags)

Comprehensive Guide

Comprehensive Guide



Categories need a rework. It is not always clear when a category should be applied. Even the names of categories are inconsistent with some being plural and some being singular. There is not a clear criteria for 'Good Article' or any other article ranking.

Periodically check Special:UncategorizedPages for pages that lack a category.


Any custom formatting possible on Wikipedia is possible on CivWiki, and sometimes can be imported in only a few clicks. Templates can greatly increase ease and speed of editing, navigating and reading. If you are unsure of where to find good templates or inspiration, use Wikipedia's random good article feature.


Based upon Template:Infobox civilization, a number of other useful infoboxes are needed :

Less necessary, but potentially useful infoboxes include

Dynamic page list

The version of dynamic page list used by CivWiki is outdated and lacks features. This is what is used to list "★★★★★ Model pages" on the CivWiki main page. As this is essential it would be useful to find a superior alternative that allows for more precise and readable formatting.

Special pages

It is worth periodically going through Maintenance special pages in order to keep the wiki clean and usable (Note : many of these lists are unhelpfully filled with CivcraftImport pages. Try to fix this if possible).

- This is filled with templates and thus not particularly useful. Try to fix it to show only wanted pages linked by users.

- Almost all pages have some related pages that they should link to or be linked to.

- Double redirects should be removed