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The Republic of Icenia
Flag of Icenia
Flag of Icenia
Government and politics
GovernmentSemi-Democratic Republic
• President-For-Life
• Minister of Defense
• Minister of the Interior
• Minister of the Treasury
• Minister of Foreign Affairs
• Judge
• Judge
• Judge
MinistersElected by Citizens
and largest city
Icenia City
-1650, -1433
DiscordJoin the Icenia Discord

Icenia, or the Republic of Icenia, is a Semi-Democratic nation located in the -,- quadrant of the map led by President ChrisChrispie. Icenia is well known for its storied past in the closing months of Civcraft 2.0. In Civclassic, it is a very active nation, with a considerable number of active players. Icenia is bordered by Imperial Truidence to the east, Bloom to the north, Gabon to the west, and Varkonia in the south. Icenia also holds rightful claim over the 0,0 Nexus as per the Icenian-Finglish summit. Icenia is a cultural hub with a large economy and a large player-base.

Icenia City


Pre-Civclassic History

Icenia traces its roots back to Civcraft 2.0 as an outpost of Kaiserinreich. At the time of Icenia's founding as a colony, Kaiserinreich was involved in a conflict with SPQR and Volterra over much sought after land needed for the production of EXP, specifically cactus. After a successful invasion by joint SPQR-Volterran forces over the establishment of a city in SPQR desert land, the colony of Icenia was established on the remote edges of the Kaiserinreich-Volterra border in an effort to create more legitimacy for Kaiserin's claim to it. However, Icenia quickly grew and became much more independent culturally of Kaiserinreich itself. Eventually the majority of the players within Kaiserinreich lived in Icenia rather than the capitol city, Kaiserin City. Due to the distance between Kaiserin City and Icenia City and the lack of a strong ruler in Kaiserinreich, many Icenians began to reject Kaiserin rule. As a result, on July 8th, 2015 Icenia declared independence from Kaiserinreich and joined the Grand Northern Alliance. After this, Icenia experienced a massive population boom which it could not handle, and eventually suffered from its overall lack of infrastructure leading to its eventual annexation by Volterra after several obby and firebombing attacks committed by alt accounts from Icenia's own alliance, the GNA.

Founding on Civclassic

In March of 2019, ChrisChrispie became active on the Civcraft community again after 2 years of inactivity and traveled to the -,- with the intention on joining Bloom and running for their Parliament. However, these plans did not pan out and, after consulting with Varkonian leader Mickale, a tract of land over what once was Antietam Isles and the Ring of Essence was granted to ChrisChrispie to re-establish Icenia. The re-establishment of Icenia occurred on March 11, 2019.

Pre-Constitution Era

Icenia's early development was initiated by ChrisChrispie shortly after Icenia's publicly announced return. Despite the notoriety of Icenia as a nation, most players on the server were well-established and not interested in starting from scratch once again. Thus, ChrisChrispie was alone when he built the first building in Icenia: a dirt shack on the beach. Slowly, new players started to join the nation. The first few came from Musicbook, where ChrisChrispie was well known, but did not stick around for long. DarkMalivas was the first non-Musicbook member to join the nation and built Icenia's first residential complex: the Sandstone Tower. The Sandstone Tower would later draw the ire of most Icenians as being an eyesore upon the expanding harbor skyline. Eventually, it was torn down after standing for three months to make way for Icenia's own Corvus shop, which itself was torn down after a period of dereliction.

It was around this time that Icenia began to develop its Chan influence when DreadedNova, a previous citizen of Polynesia in Civcraft 2.0, joined the nation and quickly moved up the ranks to become assistant leader of Icenia during its Pre-Constitution era. DreadedNova would go on to invite other players from various 4Chan associated Minecraft servers and soon Icenia began to grow at a quick pace. During this time, Icenia saw growth along Gapplar Drive, then the central hub of Icenian development. DreadedNova would build his windmill during this time and LordChieftain would construct the "Cobble Castle", the first stage of a planned city development that would have made Icenia a walled and compact city. This plan never came to fruition. The Cobble Castle would later be torn down, and its basement used for the Icenian Space Needle, a skybunker which serves as a station of command for the Icenian Militia.

Involvement in Nyasan-Channer War (March- Early April 2019)

On April 9th, 2019 Sovia attacked the UNC member nation Nyasaland for the pearling of Lakupippu. After heavy fighting and bombing of Palgrave City (Nyasaland's capital), the majority of the attackers were pearled and sent either to either Mir's vault or Nyasaland's vault.

One of the attackers pearled in Sovia's attack on Nyasaland was LordChieftain, then an established member of Icenia, and the majority of the Sovian attackers had been granted, or were under the process to be granted, citizenship in the Republic of Icenia.

As a result, UNC-Icenian relations immediately took a turn for the worse. The UNC was strongly opposed to Icenia's notoriously strict anti-bounty hunting laws, and many Sovians had taken refuge in Icenia after the attacks as a direct result of the laws and the security they provided. As a result, the UNC accused Icenia of harboring wanted criminals.

On April 13th, 2019, AngryPepsi, a new player under Sovian influence, attacked Palgrave City again carrying on his person a number of end crystals and stacks of TNT. AngryPepsi was pearled, but shortly released and took refuge for a brief amount of time in Icenia to be with the rest of the Sovians, most of who were now full citizens of the nation due to the annexation of Sovia-Verdan land by Nyasaland and the reinstatement of the throne in Crowsroost.

After being released, AngryPepsi would travel to Bloom with more end crystals and attempt to bomb the reinforced Bloomian rail station. This attack was almost immediately stopped, but resulted in Bloom taking drastic measures against Icenia. Bloomians in Icenia were asked to close their shops, remove dual citizenship from the nation if they had it, and the Bloomian parliament took up a vote to restrict trade and travel to Icenia in totality via embargo. Although these acts would not pass due to diplomatic pressure, a citizen of Bloom, HuM4nB3inG, would intentionally grief the Icenian-Bloom railway with an obsidian deathtrap. This resulted in his pearling by Bloom at the request of Icenia and sentencing in Icenia subsequently, being punished to penal labor building the new Icenian-Imperial Truidence rail line through the Underlands of Icenia.

As a further result, Icenia removed its application to join the UNC, an organization which it had historically been apart of in 2.0 when it had operated under the GNA (Grand Northern Alliance) name. Relations with the UNC continued to be negative at best until its eventual disbandment in July of 2019.

First Icenian Population Boom and Mount Augusta Dispute (April 2019)

Icenia began experiencing a population boom at the end of March 2019. It was during this time that many Sovians established dual citizenship within Icenia including Pirater, Gamephobic, iakwai, and others. Icenia had also at this time completed a rail line to Bloom, which had just closed its borders to new players after continuing alt-raids caused issues for the nation. This caused many new players not associated with Sovia to join Icenia as well, given the fact that it was the closest active nation to Bloom in the region. Also helpful to Icenia's population boom was its association with former Chan players. Many players came to Icenia from /int/craft, /pol/craft, and the remnants of the Chanseatic State after its destruction and subsequent handoff to Mir by Nes2, a former associate of ChrisChrispie during Civcraft 2.0 in the towns of Intis and Chanos. Most of the new population during this time settled in Versilles Loop, located next to the Greenbelt that had existed to block off what became the Redlight district from the JQ. Ram Ranch was founded during this time. The famous Icenian CBT shack was also built during this time, and many of the original buildings constructed in Pre-Constitution era Icenia began to be torn down.

The prominent event of this era was the "Mount Augusta Crisis". During the week of April 20th, 2019, a new account named Tylerj05 entered Icenia and became a resident of the nation, joining the Icenian discord and renting a room in Figasaur's apartments. Tylerj05, for the rest of his time in Icenia, simply walked around and built a smoothstone shack on the beach by Sunnyshore Village, at that time fairy far from Icenia proper. On April 24th, 2019, Figasaur logged in for the first time since since Tylerj05's arrival and was subsequently pearled and boated to Mount Augusta over Augustan claims dating from the very start of 2019 of treason. The pearl was then handed to DRECO and Figasaur was placed in Mount Augusta's vault, eventually being upgraded to an end pearl.

The response from Icenia was immediate and harsh. Tylerj05, and thus Mount Augusta, had violated Icenian sovereignty by illegally bounty hunting and extraditing Figasaur. While Icenian leaders searched for a solution to the issue, Icenian nationals organized a protest on the streets of Mount Augusta. On the night of April 24th, 2019, many Icenians and some members of SATO such as Neotide descended upon Mount Augusta to protest the pearling under strict orders to not engage in any combat with the Augustans. The protest began peacefully, but eventually devolved into chaos as Callum lit TNT against the protesters killing many of them and the protesters, fed up with being bombed, went home to Icenia.

The next day, on April 25th, Augustan mayor Citylion released Figasaur's pearl to avoid any further escalation with Icenia.

Signing of the First Icenian Constitution

At the end of the month of April, the First Icenian Constitution was finalized and approved by ChrisChrispie, effectively forming the modern Icenian governmental system.The following players were chosen to lead the first iteration of the Grand Ministry.

  • President: ChrisChrispie
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: DreadedNova
  • Minister of Defense: Rurik
  • Minister of Interior: Azulaloi
  • Grand Judge: LordChieftain
  • Judge: Gollygeekid
  • Judge: Soundtech

The placing of these ministers into their positions effectively ended the "Pre-Constitution-Era" of Icenia and began the First Constitution Era.

First Constitution Era: May 2019-June 2019

May in Icenia was defined by a short stagnation of growth and a slow political straightening out. Many of the original players from Sovia had gone to go form New Sovia, though New Sovia as a nation and city would not become a physical entity until early June of 2019. Icenia was also officially at this point an associate member of SATO in an effort to protect against perceived UNC advances, and Imperial Truidence was developing to the South-East of Icenia. During this early time the JQ quickly developed into a political force in the town and the first Icenian rail station was finished.

Gollygeekid Snitch Incident

One week into the terms of the ministers, the first major controversy of the First Constitution Era arose when Gollygeekid was caught on snitches in Imperial Truidence greifing land, attempting to dig up snitches, and breaking into homes. When presented with evidence, Gollygeekid denied any hostile intentions, but the damage was done and ChrisChrispie asked him to resign rather than risk perusing executive power so early into the first term of ministers. Gollygeekid resigned and an election was forfeited, with ChrisChrispie opting to appoint Vendetta to the position of judge.

Kennedylaw and HJE Industries Destruction

In late April, Icenia began to experience issues with alt-raiding. It was around this time that Neotide decided to build the first bunker in Icenia to help prevent and respond to raids. Many of the raids targeted Icenia's Hjaltland Industries XP shop, at the time one of two shops in Icenia that provided the city with EXP. The most successful of these raids was done by KennedyLaw, who managed to not only destroy much of the HJI supply chests, but pearl Figasaur and take him to the border of Imperial Truidence. KennedyLaw was eventually caught on the border of Mount Augusta and his pearl was sent to the NCA, and eventually Hjaltland's vault. As a result of the raid in Icenia, and other attacks on their EXP production facilities, HJE industries effectively shut down and its plot stood vacant and falling apart until torn down to make way for new shops.

More changes in government structure and early EXP ambitions.

Vendetta would serve as judge for a week and a half until resigning in an attempt to create his own nation near near Caledonia. In his place, ChrisChrispie appointed Lagiacrus11 who brought stability to a judgeship that seemed perpetually in motion. Icenia also negotiated land from Gensokyo during this time for a mesa colony and a rail line was built to it. This mesa claim became Icenia's first exclave, served as the springboard for discussions on producing XP domestically. Though unable for most of the summer to produce EXP on their own, eventually Icenia was able to create a revolutionary EXP co-op in August of 2019.

Icenia at the Gensokyo Olympics

Icenia made its first appearance at an international event during this time at the Gensokyo Olympics, which resulted in one silver medal being won by ChrisChrispie in chess. More notable during the event however was the slaughter of an Icenian in the Gensokyo Olympic Arena by FourofFive, Bloomian Parliament member ThirdofFive's brother. Event security quickly apprehended the assailant and the pearl was sent to Hjaltland for a week. Icenians competed in most of the events at the Gensokyo Olympics.

Continued Population Expansion and Creation of Oak Row

By this time, Icenia had become known around the server as one of the main destinations for new players, and eventually started gaining non-chan members into its folds. The result of this immigration was the creation of the "Oak Row" district, more or less a slum of houses located behind the now abandoned LordCheiftain tower. During Icenia's early days, the future Oak Row was cleared of trees and flattened to make way for a fortified Yoahtl-style village, however this never came into fruition and the result was land perfect for newfriends. Some newfriends that came during this era were Timbitz, PaintedWolf666, Alphagale, and most infamously, sk8rg8r, whose first action upon joining Icenia was to raid Ram Ranch.

Oak Row was soon considered a massive eyesore in the shadow of the Icenian downtown, which by May was almost fully built. Many advocated for tearing down the incoherent homes and making pre-built apartments for new players instead, however this never came about. It is notable that no resident of Oak Row has ever maintained Icenian elected office, as most elected officials from Icenia came from more affluent regions such as Stone Row (Anvil, Quanton_Biscuit), JQ (Figasaur, Enforcer15, ChrisChrispie), or Versailles Loop (SoundTech, Azulaloi).

Late First Constitutional Era and Second Constitutional Era

Early Summer, 2019

Icenian population continued to flourish after May of 2019, and the May elections in Icenia saw the highest turnout yet, electing Figasaur and Quanton_Biscuit to the positions of Judge for the first time. Icenia was still underdeveloped militarily however, and its economy at its lowest state. Quickly the state decided to take on a policy of both defensive and economic development, especially in the face of what they saw as a growing threat from the UNC, specifically the nation of Varkonia. Also aiding this desire to expand defensively was that Icenia and SATO had come to a mutual agreement to end the associate member status of the nation due to Figasaur gaining more prominence within the Icenian government. It was around this time that the decision to construct both a skybunker downtown and a medium sized vault in the further reaches of the nation took place, and construction began led by Figasaur and Rurik. However, construction on the vault was mothballed after Rurik left Icenia and Figasaur determined that his plan for construction was leaked to NATO. The result of this was all work went into the rickety one-bastion skybunker, dubbed the 'The Spaceneedle'. Also during this time the majority of the New Sovia minority left the nation out of a growing tension between Gamephobic, Pirater, and the Icenian government. Around this time "modern Icenia" as we know it began to be formed, with the UNC disbanding allowing the creation of the UDF with Icenia, Bloom, and Imperial Truidence in the alliance, the arrival of both adeadhead and Enforcer15, two individuals who would become industry giants in the nation, and the creation of West Isle as a state within Icenia.

Late Summer 2019: Tension with West Isle and the Second Constitution

As the population of Icenia grew in West Isle, tensions began to arise between the regional government of West Isle and the federal government of Icenia, who mostly resided in Icenia City. Many of the issues revolved around the state of Icenia's democratic systems, with West Isle in favor of broader democratization and the government of central Icenia in favor of keeping the system of Federalism put in place in the first Constitution. This all came to a head during the September elections, with all Icenian main governmental candidates finding their positions highly contestable by members of West Isle, most notably Lagiacrus11, the long time Minister of Foreign Affairs. The West Isle candidates, outside of supporting full Democracy, also by in large supported leaving the UDF, supporting the newly formed LSD, and "repairing international relations with New Sovia, Adina, and Laconia". The Central Government supported staying in the UDF, improving relations with Entente and SATO, and continuing to build up defensive infrastructure in the city due to the perceived threat of Laconia and New Sovia, nations which it had been found out by this time were interested in potentially starting a civil war within Icenia by placing PvPers on West Isle.

While the election was close, only one seat was turned over to West Isle and the majority of West Isle subsequently quit the server in anger at losing the election and perhaps their best bet at establishing political control within Icenia.

Removal of the JQ

Around late September, 2019, tensions finally boiled over with the JQ, who despite constant court cases against them due to the Chic-Fil-A crisis and losing influence in the federal government, had continued to stay in Icenia and attempt to influence newfriends into wanting to leave the UDF. Tired of the JQ, it was decided by the government in secret that Fig would be pearled and sent to MtA to finally rid Icenia of his presence. The operation commenced when Figasaur was near 0,0 to "build redditopia". Several Icenian PvPers pearled him, were chased for a short time by Cr0c on his alt JimCramer, and ultimately made it to MtA where his pearl was handed off.

Fig, not knowing it was Icenia that pearled him, pleaded with the Icenian government to free him from MtA, and when the government refused, proceeded to destroy the majority of his builds downtown in rage creating an urban center that looked bombed out. It was at this point he was removed from bastions and upgraded, thus ending the JQ in Icenia forever. Figasaur would later be released when Mount Augusta would go inactive, and Cr0c remained free to roam the earth outside of Icenia.

Entrance and Victory in the War of the Coalition with Ransakistan.

On December 1st, 2019 Icenia was obby bombed by VPN alts. After a massive outpouring of help from many of the nations on the server, one of the admins, Bagi, removed the grief after it was found out that one of the perpetrators had been using VPNs. Shortly after the attack, Genoskyo, Coventhia, Commonwealth, and SPQR were also obby bombed, forcing Icenia to begin quick militarization. Eventually, the base of operations for the obby bombings was found by Lodish, when he walked into the territory of the vault.

ChrisChrispie was later pearled during a valiant midday effort to break bastions at Bang City, a place of degeneracy and sin the likes of Sodom and Gomorrah. Chris was flanked from the side while the more competent PvPers fought daringly and pushed with massive force into the trench of Parkervault. Finding himself in the dung infested waters, ChrisChrispie allowed himself to be pearled by one of Parker's goons, a man who no doubt bought child slaves earlier that day in order to work faster on the vault. Upon Chris being pearled, Icenia entered into a perpetual state of mourning. Church bells rang, the parrots DSclouse had placed in the town center stopped chirping, and the sky opened up as a cascade of rain fell upon the city. Enforcer15 it is even said wept a little, a man who prided himself on stoic behavior on the field of battle. One thing was clear however after Chris' death-Icenia was in the midst of war.

Over the course of the week, Icenia was used as a coalition staging ground and massive infrastructure was created with haste to ensure safe travel to the front lines outside of Lusitania. By 12-16-19, Ransakistan was in a downward spiral with many of its leadership pearled in consistent bastion breaking efforts by combined Coalition and Entente/Mirrian forces and by 12/17/19, the Ransakistanis were on life support before a final and impromptu push began to disable 'Cumdragon' the name chosen by Parker for the vault. After a 14 hour siege, the vault was disabled and the pearls of Hockey and Chris were freed. Ransakistan had fallen, and the coalition had won.

Entrance Into the Infinity War

By the beginning of 2020, it became more and more clear that the UDF and NATO were inching closer and closer to war with each passing day. The discovery of an ice road between Ransakistan and Corvus in December and the existence of escaped Ransakistani fighters in NATO allied independent nations acted as writing on the wall for many members of the Icenian government and UDF leadership. That writing became reality however after NATO affiliates attacked members of Icenian ally Columbia in the streets of Rotterdam with no forewarning. This action pushed Icenia, and the UDF as a whole, into the Siege of Pinkerton over the skies of the Mount Augustan-HJE border in a secret mission. After the vault fell, evidence was released via leak which showed that the supposedly neutral nations of the UDF actively participated in the attack on Pinkerton, and a vote was passed within the UDF to declare war on NATO as an alliance.

Attention was immediately placed on Columbia, which was the closest nation in the UDF to NATO occupied lands, namely Polska. For a short time, the war was silent between NATO and the UDF and construction of Valyria's vault was put into full swing, but the calm would soon end and the First Battle of The Crucible would take place after Hollybell, a Valyrian, would give groups to Columbia's vault to NATO. This caught the UDF and Columbia completely off guard and several Icenians would rush to Columbia to defend the half broken vault and eventually, with the aid of other nations in the Coalition and Mir, take it back.

A prolonged and ongoing siege then took place in Columbia after NATO managed to move forward through Rotterdam with relative ease due to having group access and into Valyria, obby bombing it as they went. This siege would last two months and countless assaults upon The Crucible would be repelled with the aid of Entente and Mir. During this time, desire to play dropped to an all time low as Valyria was utterly decimated by NATO and the Icenian Milita was on constant red-alert status. Eventually, Robokaiser was able to be pearled in Polska and plans were made to skybridge into the city of Polska to disable traps, bunkers, and push NATO back to their vaults once more. This operation was successful and the Siege of Valyria was ended and cleanup began.

In June of 2020, Icenia partook in the coalition attack on the Hallow Vault, which was successfully breached with little to no resistance. Icenians would continue to help break bastions in the breached vault after the initial assault. Though the UDF would lose a singular pearl in the aftermath of the breaching of the vault, Icenian PvPers preformed valiantly for 24 hours and would play a major role in the operation.

Icenia also experienced internal issues during the conflict, though these have all been handed well. One such incident was two defections to NATO by Prioma, then a judge, and Rogue, who had been given a second chance to live in Icenia after leaving Corvus due to tension with Ev0cator. Rouge would be pearled on a western rail line after a half hearted attempt to transport Icenian PvPer and judge Gavbea on an alt to the HJE, and Prioma's property would be seized and given to Pacem citizen Torrio.

Icenia would ultimately partake in the final two assaults of the war-upon the Best Western Vault in the HJE and the Geographical vault outside of SPQR. The War would conclude with these military victories and Icenia would once again, be at peace.

Post-War Icenia

After the end of the Infinity War, Icenia would enter into a period of relative inactivity due to server performance issues. Slowly, however, Icenia would begin to trickle back and once the server performance issues had been fixed. This population recovery in Icenia would lead to massive infrastructure projects finally being completed, including the GOR which would finally work its way to Imperial Truidence via the Icenian overpass constructed by Bgbba and other Yoahtlans.

Icenia would also find themselves the owners of Bloom, their former allies in the UDF. Bloom would go inactive and move to Realms during the period of server inactivity mentioned above. As a result, negotiations were opened with the remaining Bloomians and all groups were handed to the Icenian government, including groups for the smaller Bloom vault. Bloomians would eventually work their way back to the server however, and Icenia would give back the city proper to Ashlor, with the remaining land being unclaimed as a "frontier" under administrative control of Icenia with the icea that new nations, defined by the Icenian government, could be granted it to establish themselves. Tritan Island would remain with Icenia along with Hyperion, a large flat and square tract of land near the former nation of TVtopia.

Icenia also experienced an influx of old players seeking a new life in the active streets of Icenia. The majority of Pacem would end up moving to Icenia, with Naglafer becoming Icenia's first new Minister of Interior in over a year. With this influx, the largest economy ever seen in Icenia developed, with Naglafer claiming Hyperion Island for Titan Industries, and large farms being constructed by Enforcer15 and other Icenians in former Carbon claims, Icenia's nether biome claim, East Side Icenia, and the island of Blumfeild off the far West coast of Icenia.

Icenia would also find themselves the owners of parts of Wayrest claims and Astonia claims as a direct result of agreements made after the Infinity War, with Wayrest eventually being split jointly between several UDF nations. Astonia would remain a relatively inactive part of Icenia, but plans were made to turn the region into a critical region for EXP production of primarily melon.

December 2020 Election and Landmark Constitutional Changes

During Icenia's period of inactivity there was little change in the Icenian government, so much so that the September 2020 election consisted of only 5 people running for judge, most at last minute. During the September election, DroidJoe would come out victorious, however once it was discovered he held government positions in Varkonia, the election went to a new player named Mason, who would become the first member of the Icenian Workers Party to pick up a seat in the Icenian Ministry. Things started to pick up in October and Novemember of 2020 with elections, with the elections of November 2020 seeing the most candidates running for Judge positions, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of the Interior.

Notably, Minister of Defense SoundTech was allowed to run for all three elected positions, throwing a wrench into the election. The hottest drama during the election however was the Naglafer v. Minemaster election for Minister of Interior with Minemaster running under the SNP (Stop Naglafer Party) and claiming that his opponent "did nothing for the Republic of Icenia". While Naglafer would go on to win this position, early in the election it seemed it would come down to a runoff because of SoundTech's existence in the race.

Charlieseeese, a former citizen on Yoahtl and an Infinity War veteran would end up picking up the vacant seat for judge left by incumbent LordCheiftain, who decided not to run for re-election. This position was highly contested though, with FreestyleJr, xDarkDiamond, and others nearly taking the position. Driving political discourse was Oniii_Chan's, The Grand Judge of Icenia, schtick of stealing crafting tables from homes. Charlie would run on an anti-crafting table theft platform which tapped into the sentiments of many new players who had fallen victim to the crime. Despite the controversy, Oniii_Chan would sweep the election for Grand Judge, winning over 45% of all 1st place votes in Icenia.

Internal Districts of Icenia

Icenia City

Icenia City is a sprawling urban center that is the capital of the Republic of Icenia. With a population of approximately 20 active players, Icenia City is one of the most populated and active cities on Civclassic. The city does not conform to the standard "city block" meta that is common to Civcraft and instead utilizes a more organic planning methodology similar to those used in cities on the American East Coast. Icenia City is divided in to several smaller districts or neighborhoods that each contain a unique building style or theme. The most well known areas include The Jewish Quarter (JQ) which has since been demolished and replaced, Oak Row, Ram Ranch, Mansion Row, and Pink Sheep Circle. Icenia City also houses the primary rail station in Icenia that has international rail lines to the Zero Zero (Nexus), Bloom, Varkonia (Gabon), Imperial Trudence, Vinland, and Gensokyo. The rail station also contains on its upper floor the GOR, which runs to Yoahtl. Furthermore, Icenia's rail station has a vast network of domestic lines that allow citizens and visitors to quickly traverse the nation.

The Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter (JQ) was one of the most prominent and well designed portions of Icenia City during its early days. It contained the city's primary factory room and housed a vast portion of Icenia's shops and businesses. The district was constructed primarily by Figasaur and RabbiCroc after receiving a pearmapearl sentence from Mount Augusta due to treason. The Jewish Quarter also contained Icenia's largest synagogue of which, RabbiCroc was the Rabbi of. It was one of the most notable sources of Icenian culture and religion during Icenia's original Channer days. Other prominent features of the Jewish Quarter included the Clock Tower, Wall of Prayers which were both torn down and the Jewish Quarter Apartments, which is one of the only remaining buildings from the region still standing today. The JQ was griefed and eventually destroyed by Figasaur and the Icenian government, due to Figasaur's constant trolling of the town. Today the GOR runs through much of the region that was once the JQ.

Bay Loop

The economic hub of Icenia, the Bay Loop contains Icenia Central Station, many above ground shops, the Icenian EXP Co-Op, the Icenia Welcome Center. The Bay Loop was the first settled region within Icenia and at the start of the existence of Icenia contained many early cultural staples-like the Sandstone Tower, which was torn down in June of 2019. Much like the JQ, the GOR now runs through most of the Bay Loop region providing shops with ample access to an international rail network.

Oak Row/Oakside

The name oak row was given to the street upon which many newfriends constructed their houses early on in Icenian history. It was marked by buildings nearly completely constructed from the oak trees that once blanketed the island. While some considered it an eye sore, oak row has became a staple of Icenian culture and a reminder of Icenian history. In July, 2019 much of Oak Row was torn down as a result of the Sovia-Icenia War and the construction of the Icenian Space Needle, Icenia's main defensive sky bunker located in the center of the city. Today not much of the original Oak Row remains, however some buildings continue to exist in the area, though their time left in Icenia is unknown at this point. In August, 2019 Oak Row was effectively renamed Oakside, which contains within it Dizian's Tree, The Grand Icenian Stadium, and much of the land directly north of the Central Icenia district. The last true oak row home before the district was torn down completely and renamed was a basic two story oak building owned by Painted_Wolf666.


Named after the city in Chanada from 2.0, Versailles, or Versailles loop was one of the first neighborhoods established within Icenia. Mostly a residential district, Versailles contains within it many of homes of the original settlers within Icenia, as well as the only remaining pub built during Icenia's May "Pub-Boom" (The Naughty Gnome). Versailles was slowly developed after Icenia's victory in the Infinity War for established players living in newfriend districts outside of city center to have a home closer to shops and rail networks.

Mansion Row

Mansion Row was originally a low-population, high build quality region within Icenia, however, it slowly developed into a newfriend district with the passage of Icenia's "New Citizenship Bill" which settled new players to Icenia outside of bastions. Today the region contains pre-built homes made by Torrio as well as Prioma's house, now owned by Charlieseeese.

Jah Park

Jah Park is one of the many holy sites of Jahaism. Dedicated to the rapper XXXTentacion, the park contains an open space sporting many stores and a large water fountain. Near the park, there are there are several Icenian heritage sites including the Grand Icenian Septic Tank and the Shitter Shack. Jah Park was griefed in the JQ removal process in October 2019, but was rebuilt by Enforcer] shortly after. Today the GOR-Icenia Branch extends over Jah Park. In July of 2020, Jah Park was nearly destroyed by Figasaur associate Spicyboy, but the grief was removed within a day.

East Side

East Side is a large suburban district of Icenia located East of Pink Sheep Circle. Originally settled during the "Squarefriend" boom of 2019, the region has perpetually undergone development and re-development due to its nature of being an essential newfriend slum. The region is considered to be an eyesore by many, with quality builds hard to find and most active people from the region moving into city center closer to factories and existing rail infrastructure. One defining feature of East Side is its lack of trees and the abutting buildings that define downtown Icenia. This is primarily due to the nature in which it was set up. In November 2020 the GOR moved through a large portion of East Side destroying many of the buildings without following proper deriliction procedure. This controversial act occured before an election, but most candidates came out in support of the way in which it was done despite objections by some.

External Districts of Icenia

West Isle

West Isle was a state and populated city located West of Icenia City and connected to Amiens Island and Icenia City via the Witeriuh Bay Bridge. The city of West Isle was founded in Mid-July of 2019 by VolutionFS and others. Its charter was approved on July 31st, 2019. The city of west Isle was comprised of a fort and several surrounding homes and it maintained a factory room and rail connection to Icenia Central Station via the Drippy Domestic System. The West Isle Highway also connects to the Witeriuh Bay Bridge and Icenia City. West Isle was an important EXP and production island as well, containing Icenia's spruce farms, beetroot farms, potato farms, and the national Ice Production facility. Also located on the island is an unused but fully functional automatic build in the early days of Icenia and the Icenia Pumpkin Farm, a infrastructure build before Icenia's switch to EXP recipe #2. West Isle is the second most populated island in Icenia outside of Amines Island.

In October 6, 2019, the Governor of West Isle VolutionFs announced that he have decided to leave the server. One week later, West Isle was dissolved as a Federal State of Icenia and the majority of West Isle playerbase left the server.

Nexus (0,0)

Nexus is an external district in Icenia that serves as a major non-populated rail hub for the majority of the server. Nexus was formally awarded to Icenia after the Icenian-Finglish Summit by John Smith aka. Stonato in late April of 2019 after a period of abandonment. Icenia maintains a direct connection to Nexus via its 0,0 'rail switch compatible' rail line, which also serves as a major transport artery to +,+ nations such as Caledonia. After the Infinity War, Icenia fully rebuilt the 0,0 railhub, making it rail switch compatable and giving it a new station accessable from the ground without the use of a minecart.


Helios is an Icenian territory containing a single nether biome with large scale netherwart production and connected to Icenia City via the Drippy Domestic System. Helios is unpopulated due to its relative harshness compared to the much more Mediterranean climate of Icenia City and the colder but bearable climate of West Isle. Besides serving as Icenia's major source of netherwart production, it also served for a long time as Icenia's main source of rotten flesh before Icenia inhereted Bloom's mushroom island.

Antioch Isle

Antioch Isle is a formerly populated island located in Icenia's shallow -,- claims that is the home of the Greater Antioch Ship Canal which connects the Varkanos Ocean on the west side to the mouth of the Anburon River and Stonato Bay on the East. Also on the island is the abandoned city of New Antioch, which maintained an active population at the start of the world. The north of Antioch Isle is located squarely in the center of the mouth of the Anburon river and the south of the island is almost directly connected to Varkonia's Vesuvius claims. Antioch Isle can be reached via boat, however plans for extending the Drippy Domestic System to the island have been in the works, as well as a planned Nexus Overland Rail and Highway.

Carbonia Isle

Carbonia Isle is a formerly populated island that served as the capital for Carbon, John Smith's nation and original owner of 0,0. Carbonia, along with Nexus, was formally granted to Icenia during the Icenian-Finglish summit, although Icenia deliberately chose not to claim the north of the island past the city proper of Carbon due to not wanting to intrude upon Imperial Truidence, which owns the northern half of the island. Carbonia Isle is located at the very end of the mouth of the Anburon River, and its former leader lends his name to Stonato Bay, which sits directly South-East of the Rubicon, the former castle of the emperor of Carbon and the central piece of the long abandoned city there. Carbonia Isle is connected to Icenia via the Drippy Domestic System and Icenia's 0,0 rail runs directly though the city making visiting the ruins very easy to do. Today Carbonia is an essential region for Icenian EXP production with Icenia maintaining large farms there.

Culture and Religion


Jah, aka Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy professionally known as XXXTentacion was a lyrical miracle and a god among men before his death on June 18, 2018. Since his death, he has become the sole deity in the Icenian faith Jahaism, a sect of Judaism/Christianity . The religion is primarily practiced within Icenia, however there are a small number of other worships outside of the country.

Characteristics of Jahaism

Jahaism is loosely structured but primarily follows the beliefs outlined by Judaism with the exception of god being recognized as Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy instead of 'God' as described in the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam). The religious head of Jahaism was RabbiCroc who operated a synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Icenia before being kicked out. Today the religious head of the faith is Rabbi Pastor President-For Life Doctor ChrisChrispie. Hallowed symbols and artifacts include:

  • Gekyume's Foreskin
  • Black BMW i8s
  • Airpods
  • Poems and hymns written by XXXTentaction himself.

Jah Day

Jah Day occures on June 18, in remembrance of our lord and savior Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy's assassination. In Icenia, Jah Park becomes the center of the celebration.

  • Gekyume's Foreskin is placed upon a pedestal. The faithful line up to touch / kiss it to receive a blessing. It should be noted that the original foreskin was stolen by Corvus citizen Ron_Paul before being found by Varkonia in the Corvus-Entente war and misplaced in a chest before being re-found by Mickle and gifted to ChrisChrispie during the June 2020 Jah Day Celebrations. Today this holy relic is located secretly and behind high security in Icenia.
  • Prominent leaders and rabbis make speeches.
  • The faithful gather in a septic tank to bathe in the holy waters of Jah.
  • Jahmicas are distributed to participants.
  • Sacred airpods are given to the faithful. This is typically done in / on the Black BMW i8 that Jahseh was assassinated in.
  • Firework show.
  • Red torches.
  • Burning a Hantzu effigy in solidarity of those lost in the Infinity War and the death of Chanada at the hands of Hantzu.

Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are a key feature in Icenian culture. Brought to popularity by Figasaur's daring escape from MtA and Spicyboy's trial (in which he claimed he couldn't have committed a murder in MtA due to bathing in the cities septic tanks), many homes in Icenia now posses this key feature. Icenia City also has a large public septic tank that has been home to several celebrations including Jah Day.

G vs Barkey

Icenia has an ongoing debate between whether 'G' or 'Barkey' is the superior statement. There is a dedicated g-barkey channel in the discord along with a highway and road named after the two legendary words / letters. Currently, barkey has fallen out of favor for 'G' after Icenia and Columbia became closer allies.

Foreign Relations

New Sovia

Historically, Icenia maintained positive relations with Sovia/New Sovia, and much of the Pre-Constitution era was defined by a peaceful co-existence between Icenian's and Sovians in the nation. Many 'first wave' citizens in Icenia were avid players of /pol/andcraft, and were brought into Icenia by Sovians creating a strong early culture in the nation and several 'districts' with Ram Ranch being the most notable. The land Icenia was built upon was also at one point owned in part by Gamephobic, who's first house on the server was flattened recently in the Southeastern region of Antietam Island, where Icenia City is located.

Relations began to sour after breaches of trust between the government of Icenia and Sovians. After the attack on Nyasaland, the government of Icenia cracked down on TNT stashes carried into the nation after it was discovered that AngryPepsi had compacted incredible amounts on the explosive and had stored it within Icenian territory. The UNC was also given the authority to pearl anyone involved in the Nyasaland bombing not yet captured even if they were residing in Icenia. Later, ChrisChrispie was accused of stealing diamond blocks from Pirater which were being used to help build New Sovia. When presented with evidence, ChrisChrispie gave the blocks back. However, this would permanently damage relations between the two groups.

Relations collapsed in mid June of 2019, when Swiftfizz and many other New Sovians entered Icenian territory and entered restricted land, later spamming the coordinates of this area in the in-game global group chat, Civclassic discord, and Civclassic subreddit. This resulted in SwiftFizz's banning from Icenia under the newly passed 'Reasonable Suspicion Act'. Days later, a player by the name of mugo would be pearled in New Sovia for carrying TNT on his person. This player would later be revealed to be an alt account of LordChieftain. A few days later the conflict heated up into what is known as the 'Clown Wars'. The Clown Wars would last for a week with two Icenians being pearled and relations with Entente and Corvus dropping due to violence on the streets of Icenia between individuals from both nations. Eventually, a white peace was signed and the Clown Wars would end. Eventually Pirater would be pearled by Entente during the Laconia-Entente conflict.


Icenia is currently a member, and founding member of, the United Defensive Front or the UDF.

The UDF currently consists of fellow shallow -,- nation Imperial Truidence, as well as Columbia, Yoahtl, and Southshire. This alliance was created in late July after the UNC collapsed after the Evocator/Corvus scandal and Varkonia's decision to form the Entente. Icenia wrote much of the original draft of the UDF charter and the first spokesperson of the UDF was Vend3tta, the Icenian Minister of Foreign Affairs (June-July 2019). Currently, Icenia holds the Defense Secretary position within the UDF with their Defense Minister, SoundTech, serving in the position. The UDF was been the source of much controversy within Icenia, primarily between the IFP (Icenia First Party) and the IDP (Icenia Defense Party).


Icenia was formerly part of the GNA in Civcraft 2.0, and the UNC became a spiritual successor, and it was only natural for Icenia to apply to join the UNC. This was due to these historical connections and the neighbors of Icenia being UNC members, including Bloom and Varkonia. The UNC had given early support to the establishment of Icenia in Civclassic, with Varkonia giving the new nation city bastions and materials for basic factories. Bloom also gave early attention to Icenia and even requested that Icenia join Bloom as a separate city within their nation.

However, early on relations with UNC nations began to fray. First, LordChieftain was pearled by then UNC (United Northern Congress) member Swiftfizz and brought to the Varkonia vault over 'terroristic threats' made on Icenian soil. This violated Icenia's anti-bounty hunting laws and LordChieftain was released. Then due to the events of Sovia's attack upon Nyasaland, and Icenia's perceived harboring of individuals wanted in the UNC, member nations of the alliance began to doubt their ability to work with Icenia in a constructive manner. Around this time, Icenia decided to cancel its request to join the alliance.

After pulling their request out, the UNC made several attempts to work on creating regional policy with Icenia over the nations bounty hunting restrictions through BritishWanderer (UNC spokesperson) and other members. The treaty proposed to Icenia would have made it legal for UNC member nations to send bounty hunters into Icenia if an active threat persisted, however the treaty contained no right for Icenia to do the same. Furthermore, Icenia requested that no bounty hunting for UNC interests within Icenian territory would be done by players associated with Mir, and that Icenian citizens would not be allowed to be bounty hunted at all unless an explicit request was made by UNC leaders to Icenian government officials. As a result the treaty was scrapped around Easter of 2019.

Despite this, the UNC was Icenia's greatest trading partner until its eventual demise and in June 2019 Varkonia remained the only active EXP and Bastion supplier in Icenia after the shuttering of HJI on an international scale.

In late July of 2019, tensions with the UNC began to flare again after the Sovia-Icenia War, nicknamed the Clown Wars. This was directly related to the releasing of screenshots by Swiftfizz that showed Icenian leader ChrisChrispie had partook in the obbybombing of Crowsroost before the UNC invasion along with Pirater, and that Chris had invited the Sovians to build defensive infrastructure in Icenia after the attack on Nyasaland. The June 20th Attack upon Icenia had also served as pretext for the pearling of BritishWanderer by Thoths_Librarian in an attempt to free PapaPound through negotiations from the Hjaltland Vault. This led to controversy involving Ev0cator and Thoths over their alleged alt-raiding of UNC territories. As a result of the leaking of screenshots, the UNC for a short time considered declaring war upon Icenia, however, this never came into fruition as the screenshots were over four months old, Icenia was no longer allied in any way with the Sovians, and there were bigger issues ongoing in the region.

By the time the UNC disbanded, Icenia had shored up relations with Imperial Truidence and Bloom and the UDF was created in the wake of the abandonment of the UNC, leading to an era of Icenian history known as Pax-Icenia-a time comparable to the 1990's in the United States.


After pulling out of their application to join the UNC, Icenia opted to attempt to join SATO due to mutual connections to many of the alliances previous leadership being associated with nations that ChrisChrispie had connections with in Civcraft 2.0, notably Bgbba through Chanada, who was now leading Yoahtl. SATO was also the only alliance outside of the UNC that was relatively stable in the world at the time as NATO was engaged in an ongoing and stalled war with Mir, and joining the NCA was out of question. SATO was hesitant to let Icenia fully on board given the nations reputation for being rowdy in server politics and the fact that Figasaur and Cr0codile, members of the JQ, had moved to Icenia and were accepted there as major members of Icenian society. However, despite these reservations, SATO voted to bring Icenia on as an associate member believing that if the JQ was to be contained, it was best contained in an area such as Icenia.

Relations with SATO while in the alliance were lukewarm, while SATO hesitantly supported Icenia during the Mount Augusta extradition crisis, relations began to become frayed as Icenia and Bloom continued petty spats over Fig and Croc's willingness to stir the pot in the region and throw accusations of anti-antisemitism at other leaders. This came to a head after the first Icenian ministerial debate in late May, 2019 when then candidate Fig accused specificlanguage (managing Mount Augustan voter registration) of various allegations in regards to Fig's time in the Mount Augustan JQ. It was at this time that a mutual agreement was made between Icenia and members of SATO that the alliance was simply not going to work. The loss of Icenian pearls in Hjaltland's vault resulting in a resuming of alt-raiding in the city. Despite all of this, Icenia remains close with several SATO nations including Vinland and The Commonwealth.

Today Icenia is on very good terms with SATO as the majority of SATO nations are now in the UDF.


Originally, Icenia stood against Entente due to the fallout created by the disbanding of the UNC in Bloom. This was due to an overarching fear that Entente was simply created by more militaristic nations in the UNC as a way to stand unopposed to Mirrian combat in the -,-. These fears quickly subsided though when the War of the Coalition broke out and the UDF and Entente began fighting a common enemy. After the War of the Coalition, relations between Entente and Icenia continued to be good and today, although both groups have slightly differing views on pearling and sentence length, the two groups remain good friends and continue to fight side by side in Columbia against an emergent NATO force.


When it was founded, Icenia leaned in a pro-NATO direction due to lingering mistrust of members of the UNC who had played a part of the destruction of Icenia in Civcraft 2.0. While Icenia never offered NATO outright help in the Infinity War during this era, they did offer NATO the ability to trade and travel within Icenia. Eventually, relations with NATO would begin to sour due to a general concern over their actions in Corvus and Laconia. Eventually Icenia would be openly hostile to NATO after it was discovered that Ransakistan had been allowed to set up within snitch range of HJE and Icenian ally Bgbba was pearled while traveling along the GOR in Mount Augusta. Icenia would join the Infinity War after this and eventually aid in the dismantling of the NATO alliance.

Military Involvement

Clown Wars

The Clown Wars were an undeclared war / conflict with New Sovia that mostly consisted of subreddit pvp with a small amount of action consisting of a series of Sovian trespasses on Icenian military installations, the assassination and pearling of Icenian Judge: Quanton_Biscuit, the pearling of mugo, and a small raid / riot within Icenia City. A peace deal between the two nations was signed June, 26th, 2019 after Icenia placed an 800 diamond bounty on Swiftfizz. Many of the tensions created by the Clown Wars extended over into the eventual LSD and Chic-Fil-A crisis and Icenia's short, but eventual, declaration of war upon Laconia following the fall of Ransakistan.

War of the Coalition

Icenia was a major player in the War of the Coalition following the December 1st. 2019 Obby Bombing of Icenia and the subsequent bombing of Gensokyo, Commonwealth, Coventhia, and Yoahtl. Although the admins had cleaned up Icenia's obby due the perpetrators being on VPN alts, the city was nearly obby bombed again when several Ransakistani's made it into West Isle before being pushed back by a large presence of SATO, UDF, and Mir fighters to defend the city. After the Ransakistani Vault was located by Commonwealth citizen Lodish, who was subsequently pearled and held by the members of the rogue nation, Icenia was set up as a forward operating base for many of the fighters of the Coalition on their way to the Lusitan front lines, and after the short abandonment of Lusitania, the closest nation to offensive operations moving forward. During this time Icenia greatly improved their defensive infrastructure by building massive ice roads, finishing the new skybunker, and further developing their EXP industry to one of the servers largest.

Most members of the Icenian government fought on the front-lines of the war, including President ChrisChrispie who was pearled by Admiralbang after getting into a small skirmish along the trench of the Ransakistani vault trench. Chris was held for over a week, along with Caledonia's Hockey and Lodish before being freed after a massive Coalition assault on the vault which would lead to the end of Ransakistan.

As a result of the war, Icenia's position in the international community was greatly improved. Exiting the war Icenia was seen more competent nation in terms of its military, leadership, and trade than before the war. In particular, relations were deeply repaired between Icenia and both SATO and Entente.

Laconia and Corvus.

After the War of the Coalition, Icenia and the UDF would for a short time join the ongoing war between Entente against Corvus and Laconia. This was done due to Laconia taking in some of the obby bombers from Ransakistan and Corvus doing the same thing. Ultimately Laconia and Corvus would fall under Coalition assault.

Infinity War

After months of tensions between NATO and the UDF, it slowly became clear that UDF entry into the Infinity War was inevitable, especially after the pearling of Icenian ally Bgbba on the GOR near Mount Augusta. In the closing weeks of January 2020, it became increasingly clear that NATO was allowing Ransakistani's into their ranks and as a result, an executive order was issued in Icenia to allow military action in Pinkerton. Shortly after Pinkerton fell, NATO released leaks showing that UDF members were at the break, resulting in a full alliance for to declare war on NATO. The vote passed.

Icenians saw their first true military action in the war during the defense of Columbia's vault in Valyria, The Crucible-the largest vault in the UDF. Due to support of both Entente and Mirrian forces, NATO was beaten back and lost the pearl of Bob_The_Builder, a notable PvPer.

Today Icenia continues to battle NATO in Columbia, with noticeable, but small, gains being made against the NATO alliance including the pearling of Robokaiser and the consistent defense of Columbia against NATO.