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Flag of Impasse
Capital CityImpasse Proper
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy [1]
FoundedSOTW; People from Orion, Senntisten, and Aquila
Other SettlementsAlbion, Argos, Bounty, Caneon, Constantinople, Haven, Lassar, Miami
Impasse Intro Video
Old Impasse (center) and Miami (bottom left)


The building style for Old Impasse is a mix of Renaissance and Classical architecture. [2] Impasse's Miami district is based around an 80's/futuristic style.


Impasse is the northern end of the HITS rail, connecting most major cities in the western hemicircle such as TdC, Mt. Augusta, and the Commonwealth. Direct railways connect Impasse to Frostrock, SPQR, Columbia, and 0,0. There is an ongoing effort to make these rails safe and automated.



As the governmental structure is a Constitutional Monarchy[1], the royal family is based around marriage and inheritance. [3]

The citizens of Impasse regularly vote creating a House of Commons consisting of about 1/5 of all citizens. [4]

Any town in Impasse can become a District if it has distinguishing characteristics and is the primary residence of five or more citizens. Districts can independently control their "urban configuration and architectural style of their buildings and public places". [5]

International Relations

Impasse was a founding member of the Western Alliance , and later joined the United Northern Congress.


Early days

Originally named Wild Hogs[6], Impasse brings together people from big 2.0 nations such as Orion, Senntisten, Haven, Aeon, Argos, Metro, Olympia, but also new friends from Aquila on 3.0/Devoted.

Since early on, Impasse is in close alliance with Hjaltland. One of the first combined efforts was building the HITS rail.

War with Alpoko

On 15 June 2017, YegorDia from Alpoko raided an Impassian cactus farm outpost while it was being AFK'd. When YegorDia stopped responding to negotiations and six more raiders appeared at the farm, Impasse sent four fighters there. Immediately after they arrived at the farm and assessed the damage, the raiders were already in Impasse, so the fighters rushed back to the city.

The raiders were barely geared up with about a set of unenchanted diamond armor between them, breaking a few chests and several beds in the barracks (southeast of the plaza, now location of the Eagle Bunker). After YegorDia got pearled and two more killed, the remaining raiders used speed potions and fled by boat into the swamp, being chased about 1500 blocks south before the Impassian fighters lost them.

YegorDia then hired Saren_Solaris and Malen to free him, but after the Impasse government explained the situation, they backed down.

The conflict ended with the Alpoko leadership paying large amounts of diamond and iron as reparations for the damages done to Impasse, including covering the output of the cactus farm until it was fixed.

Building Police

On 09 July 2017 the alt accounts from Blackwater Prot_Monster, vanz_gateng, Not_a_raider, and Doofdip tore down the two unreinforced houses of Samnrad and Seldomshock and posted a video of the raid on the subreddit under the account TheBuildingPolice. [7] The houses were rebuilt shortly after.

More video posts follow over the next days, revealing that they are indeed alts of the Blackwater members Saren_Solaris, dookoo782, YegorDia, and bewsiej. dookoo782 and YegorDia were pearled on 15 July 2017 and vaulted by Hjaltland, while Saren_Solaris and bewsiej got off scot-free. [8]

Vault Invasion and Big Griefing

The Lexington affiliates Rixxlon/Symotic/Johnsama/DirtyDiaperDude secretly built a vault hole in Impasse territory around -4360 -4090. [9] After being discovered, they tactically griefed their own hole to prevent Impasse from using it. Impasse responded by removing their blocks and placing more tactical griefing on Impasse groups.

On 21 August 2017 the vault builders retaliated by raiding Impasse's capital city and griefing it with SRO and SRS. The cleanup involved many supporters from all over the map, notably Impasse's allies Hjaltland and the Commonwealth. Remnants of the grief are still visible half a year later.


With the Somber War entering a stalemate and school beginning, all of Impasse went inactive, many members quitting and a few only logging in occasionally to prevent reinforcement decay.


Events such as the Fall of Lexington and the 1.12 update brought old Impassiani back to CivClassic, deciding to leave the Old City behind and build a new, better city in the Plains valley north of the main island, initially named "New Impasse". Many of the city's buildings are in Art Deco style, most notably a model of the Cincinnati Rail Station and Seldomshock's tower of CobbleDick Industries.


On September 28, 2018, the active population decided to rename the new city to "Corvus" and turn the nation into a corporation, with Jaydrive functioning as CEO and the Board of Directors consisting of other government figures of Impasse.

Corvus Corporation maintains several shops, located in Gabon, Old Impasse, and Icenia, but most revenue comes from on-demand purchases by individuals.

To strengthen the relationships with its neighbors, Corvus joined the UNC alliance on May 1, 2019, and stayed a member until its disbandment.

Corvus would fall during the Infinity War and most of its players would be banned for duping, thus ending Corvus' existence on the server.