Imperial Truidence

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Imperial Truidence
Flag of Imperial Truidence
Coat of Arms of Imperial Truidence
Location-1077, 531
Capital cityAnburon
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy/Parliamentary Democracy
• Emperor
• Minister
Obtainable Spatula
• Minister
Foundation dateApril 2019
MottoEnige of Tro Inntil Dovre Faller

Imperial Truidence (Truidence or IT for short) is a nation in the -,- region. The government of Imperial Truidence is a mixture of an absolutist monarchy and a representative democracy.

Political System

The Truidencian political system is characterized by its use of both authoritarianism, in service of efficiency, and democracy, in service of the common good. Two entities have legislative power: the imperial senate and the Emperor. The senate may be overruled by the Emperor, should he deem it necessary.

Originally, the senate and the Emperor could overrule each other, with the senate gaining a final say if they reached a consensus of 80% of the votes within the senate . The idea was that in most cases, the permanent leader would be better suited to decide in precarious matters than senators whose position of power would rely upon public opinion. But, if 80% of the population, through their representatives, were to agree on an action to take, it would most likely be the right one.

This system was changed to the current one however, for two chief reasons:

1. The uncertainty of who would get the final say discouraged both parties from proposing changes, policies, laws, etc.

2. The Parliament was inactive for long periods of time, leaving a bigger workload for the Emperor.

As such the system took the form described in the first paragraph; with the addition of ministerial positions. These positions are Chancellor, currently held by GenericLaqey, Field Marshal of the Royal Army of His Grace Emperor Bez of Imperial Truidence and All Her Holdings, and Chief Diplomat, both occupied by Obtainable Spatula. There are also three judges, whose job it is to rule in civil court cases. One is chosen by the Emperor, one is chosen by the the Commons and the last is chosen in the monthly election.


  • The Imperial Castle

What: The castle of Emperor Bez, built by GenericLaqey and designed by Obtainable Spatula, is a large castle, complete with towers, a courtyard, a moat, more than 30 sleeping quarters, 4 kitchens, a spa, 2 throne rooms, a sewage system, several lounges, a dining hall, a ball room, a crypt, and several secret corridors and rooms.

Where: Southern part of Anburon

Size: Around 70 blocks tall, 5x4 chunks footprint.

  • The Commons
  • What: The Commons is the parliamentary "building" of the empire. It is where the senate convenes to pass laws and such. It is also used as a gladitorial arena at times.

Where: Central Anburon, right west of the rail station

Size: Around 15 blocks deep, 2x2 chunks footprint.

  • St. Bez Cathedral

What: The seat of the church of Bezism, this magnificent cathedral can accomodate up to 80 people at the time, despite the small design flaw that no one can actually see the altar or whoever is standing by it.

Where: Southern part of Anburon

Size: About 50 blocks tall, 4x2 chunks footprint.

  • Barad-Dûr

What: This menacing tower is a 1:7 replica of the infamous tower from J.R.R. Tolkiens books.

Where: On the western outskirts of Anburon

Size: About 200 blocks tall.

  • The Bridge to Ban Ard

What: A bridge connecting the island of Eivindia to the Truidencian mainland.

Where: Northern Truidence island.

Size: 70 blocks tall, 50 blocks long.

  • Spatula Manor

What: A large mansion belonging to Obtainable Spatula in the city of Ban Ard.

Where: Eastern Ban Ard.

Size: 50-60 blocks tall, 1.5x3 chunk footprint.

  • Jørgen Longship

What: A vartical longship standing filled with fun rooms.

Where: Bay of Anburon

Size: Around 80 blocks tall.

  • Obby Bombing Memorial

What: A memorial dedicated to the obby bombing of Anburon in July 2020.

Where: Northern outskirts of Anburon, adjacent to the park of roses

Size: not that big

  • Park of Roses

What: A public park/garden filled with trees, bushes and flowers, such as roses, poppies, daisies, and lilacs. Roses are however the most abundant, and the park thus takes its name from the flower.

Where: By the bridge to Icenia

Size: Takes up 4-6 square chunks.

  • Imperial Sewage Processing Facility (ISPF)

What: A sewage system with pipes running all across Anburon, with a central tank and control room deep under the city.

Where: Anburon

Size: The mai facility is just two regular sized rooms with a larger tank, but the pipes are all over the city.


Founding and Early Days

Imperial Truidence was founded on 1st of April 2019 on the ruins of Concord, after some moistened bint lobbed a scimitar at Bez, making him emperor. The city was promptly renamed to Anburon and became the nation's capital.

On the 28th 2019 of April Emperor Bez declared the temporary suspension of the Commons; set to last until the 31st of May. This was done because of the tradition of Russetid and coming exams.

Both me and the senators believe this is the best course of action, seeing that we now have a period of limited time we can devote to the server and building our nation is currently more pressing than maintaining democracy. - Emperor Bez

On the 28 of May Emperor Bez announced that democracy was to be reinstated and on the 30th of May the Commons was reinstated after a general election.

The Period of Shifting Alliances

Imperial Truidence joined the UNC on the 1st of July. The nation's presence was short however. Shortly after joining, the UNC lost most of it's member states to a internal conflict regarding te topic of intervention. Varkonia, Gensokyo, and Nyasaland left the UNC to create a new alliance with Hjaltland, namely the Entente. Several other nations left in the following day, and thus the Truidencian senate agreed on that it no longer was in the best interest of Imperial Truidence to be in the UNC, as there no longer were any allies nearby. The UNC fell apart the following day, as Iria, Kaltsburg, SPQR, Nevrast, and Corvus Corp. all left the alliance. Tvtopia is the only remaining nation, electing to keep the UNC as a museum.

To deal with this new crises, Emperor Bez called a meeting with the senators of Imperial Truidence. At this meeting, Bez, Obtainable Spatula, Smarties_313 and Dr_Despacito decided the general course the nation was going to take. Bez also revealed that he was planning on retiring soon due to his work schedule.

Emperor Bez declared his abdication from the throne of Imperial Truidence and all her territories on the 13th of July, though there was room for reinstatement if or when his work schedule would allow it. He named Obtainable Spatula as his successor. Bez kept his titles in his self-appointed exile, though the actual position of head of state was transferred to Obtainable Spatula, who gained the title of Prime Chancellor. He served as a de facto Emperor for the remainder of the period.

The Imperial Truidence constitution was also changed as decided by the earlier meeting, with Emperor Bez writing the proposal and the senators voting it in. The most major change was the establishment of the minister system outlineed above.

Imperial Truidence's period of standing alone ended two days after the Emperor's abdication, with Prime Chancellor Obtainable Spatula signing the Treaty of Salisbury, a pact of friendship and assistance with Varkonia, a previous UNC member.

A few days later, on the 18th, the Prime Chancellor signed and co-wrote the charter of a brand new alliance, the United Defensive Front, UDF for short. This new alliance consisted of Imperial Truidence, Icenia, and previous UNC ally Bloom.

While Obtainable Spatula was Prime Chancellor, he expanded heavily uppon the empire's borders, making two of the four major land claims of the empire during this period.

During the last days of the period a divide took form within the state of Imperial Truidence. Obtainable Spatula, being the head of state, wanted to enact an extensive architectural reform, requiring many citizens to alter the design of their properties. The Chancellor, Smarties_313 opposed the reform, citing the the reform's transgression on the personal freedom of Truidence citizens.

With Smarties_313 lack of cooperation, Obtainable Spatula took on the task himself, effectively juggling the roles of Prime Chancellor, Field Marshal, Chief Diplomat and now Chancellor. This caught the attention of Bez, who reached out to Obtainable Spatula, about his reinstatent as emperor, marking and end of the Prime Chancellorship.

Imperial Restoration

On August 13th, exactly a month after his abdication, Emperor Bez reassumed his position as head of state. In his announcement he made it known that he would serve in a more limited capacity due to his work schedule not having changed. The ministers were to conduct day to day operations, with Bez being more of a figurehead, and solving disputes between the ministry and overruling poor decision making.

His first action was to call a meeting with the ministers. At this meeting the state of Imperial Truidence was reunified with common agreement on the issue of architectural reform.

Banishment of Yellofishy

Yellofishy was a very active member and citizen of Imperial Truidence. After joining the nation in June, he quickly became known for his quirky and eccentric behavior, and his eagerness to contribute to the nation. Though his eagerness made him take on many projects, his enthusiasm was often short lived and he would then pick another project, which would also peter out. His most successful endeavor was a recruitment campaign which saw a moderate increase in new citizens.

Through his time in Imperial Truidence he held the positions of representative to the UNC and as a judge. He was the sitting judge of the trial of _Sleven, who had raided Imperial Truidence multiple times. Yellofishy was eventually removed from the position after acquiring an alt-account and being sentenced for alt-raiding.

His tenure as a representative was also short lived due to the collapse of the UNC soon after Imperial Truidence joined it. As a representative he was known to post irrelevant messages and comments in various chats and received several warnings from the state of Imperial Truidence.

It was during this time that Yellofishy became a well known figure outside of Imperial Truidence. His often wacky and entertaining behavior made him the subject of the subreddit r/bestofyello(inactive).

On the 26 of August 2019, he admitted he broke into the Imperial Truidence private factory room with the famous message "@Obtainable Spatula btich i broke in the factories". It was also during this event that he continually pinged Obtainable Spatula despite being told several times not to do so. This was considered harassment during the subsequent trial of Yellofishy, though it was considered settled out of court due to an agreement between Obtainable Spatula and Yello that Yello would get payed less for a task he was given.

During the same trial Yellofishy was found guilty of breaking into the factory room. He was therefore banished from the empire by presiding judge Bez, citing his belief that previous transgressions and Yello's general behavior indicated that he would not learn from his mistakes.

This sparked an outrage among many friends and fans of Yellofishy, culminating in a period of 3 days(03.09.2019 to 05.09.2019) where 14 of the 24 (60%) posts posted that were about him, his departure and general memery.

A part of Yello's sentence was being pearled if he set foot in Truidencian land again. A few weeks after being banished, he moved his alt accounts through the capital of Anburon, making him wanted by the Truidencian government. He seeked asylum in Adina, and was under their protection as long as he kept within their borders. He was well aware of this, but still proceeded to move one of his accounts to the Mircapital city of Charon. Obtainable Spatula was told by S4NTA that yello was there, and was allowed to come to Mir to pearl Yello. Spatula immediately proceeded to move towards Charon. When he arrived there, Yello was standing AFK in an empty building in the capital. Spatula made his way into the house and attacked Yello, who started moving and trying to defend himself. His efforts resulted in naught however, as he was exile pearled before he could put up much of a fight. Obtainable Spatula brought his pearl to Varkonia, who had agreed to hold the pearl on Imperial Truidence's behalf. Yello's pearling sentence was increased multiple times, after being warned that the sentence would be increased if he continued to harass the citizens of Imperial Truidence from the end. He was released 4 months later, before being banned for doxxing.

The Renaissance of Anburon

During the middle of June 2020, a mission was undertaken by the Truidencians GenericLaqey and Icyski. Their mission was to revitalize and beautify Imperial Truidence's capital city of Anburon. They began by building a vertical longship in the architectural style of the viking era in the bay south of the city, based on Imperial Truidence's ethnic roots to Norway and viking culture. The longship was of their own design, complete with a deck for meat, a deck for alcohol, and many more. After this, GenericLaqey proceeded to single handedly complete the St. Bez cathedral, designed by Obtainable Spatula, which had been under construction for nearly 6 months. He felt the need to build more, so he built a large townhall also designed by Obtainable Spatula in northern Anburon, and equipped the entire town with streetlights, so the inhabitants of Anburon could walk the streets with no fear of the horrid creatures of the night.

The Schism of Retardation

The Schism of Retardation was a series of theological debates and political fractures based around the disputed fact of the fallability of the divine. The schism began after God Emperor Bez stated that "Everybody is retarded. Sometimes". This called into question whether or not the God Emperor himself was therefore also sometimes retarded. The official decree from Bez was as follows: "My retardness is a theological matter". This effectivly split the Church and nation of Imperial Truidence into two camps. The conservatives who believed the God Emperor could not be retarded, led by GenericLaqey. And the progressives, who believed the Emperor was retarded most of the time, but not when intoxicated; led by the Chief Diplomat and Field Marshal Obtainable Spatula. The conflict lasted for 18 hours. Culminating with a series of riots and street clashes. The conflict came to a close when GenericLaqey, in a heated debate with Spatula, argued that since the God Emperor is everything, and "everything" would necassarily include retardeness, that God Emperor Bez must be retarded. Bez, considering the matter to be satisfactorily settled, declared it so, ending the Schism of Retardation.

The Time of Military Construction

Following the end of the Infinity War, the Royal Army of Imperial Truidence decided that it was time to build up it's military might. The server's active population had heavily stagnated, as most were tired after the war, and had started playing on CivRealms instead. Imperial Truidence knew that this would only be temporary, and that eventually the admins of CivRealms would commit some poor decisions, which would result in people returning to CivClassic. And when that happened, the Royal Army wanted to be prepared for the possibility of a new wave of raiders threatening the lifestyle of the Truidencian populace. The Field Marshal of the army decided that it was time to begin the enormous undertaking of constructing a vault, and thus, Dovre was born. The finished vault stands at a menacing [classified] rings, with extensive [classified], and a [classified] to boot. The army also constructed several smaller bunkers around the claims of Imperial Truidence, with a network of ice roads connecting them.


Imperial Truidence's main geographical feature consists of forests and taigas, with a more diverse range of biomes further from the capital. The other biomes in the empire include nether islands, a mooshroom island, a roofed forrest biome, a savannah, several swamps, and a couple of mesas. The entire empire is centered just north-west of 0,0, with the capital of Anburon in the very south of the main land cluster. The capital boasts a medieval architectural style, and the seat of power of the emperor. The rest of the nation's many provinces and regions have several small towns, with their own unique styles and buildings.

Geographical Overview of Imperial Truidence and Surrounding Lands
This is a map of all land under Imperial Truidence as of August 2020

Regions and Provinces


Purpose: Homeland of the Truidencians.

Capital: Anburon

Truidence is the main island of Imperial Truidence. It symbolized the unity of the Truidencian people.

Dol Morhen

Purpose: Agricultural capital of Imperial Truidence.

Capital: None

Dol Morhen is the northern half of an island shared with Icenia. It is entirely deforested, and is mostly covered with farms.


Purpose: Alternative to Anburon as home of skillfull builders in Imperial Truidence.

Capital: Ban Ard

Eivindia is an elevated roofed forest biome in the north of Imperial Truidence, it sports its own small town, made as a planned city.


Purpose: Farmland in the swamps.

Capital: None

Bezistan is simply enough a swampland farming area, and houses the disabled vault of the infamous NATO fighter Foogoot.

The Mire

Purpose: Pumpkin farm.

Capital: The Mire

The Mire is a peninsula connected to Wayrest: It was previously known as Charcoal Town, before being annexed by Imperial Truidence.

The Kingslands

Purpose: Connecting the empire.

Capital: Dovre

Kingslands is the glue that binds the empire together. It was previously owned by LOAC, but was abandoned after they moved to Nyasaland. It is now home to the impressive military facility of Dovre.

Inis Muire

Purpose: Archipelago that supplies the empire with all it's nether-related needs.

Capital: Din Valdra

Inis Muire (Elvish for Islands of the Sea) is an archipelago west of Imperial Truidence consisting of Din Valdra (elvish for Silent Inferno), Hudnellum (a type of mushroom), Inis D'yaebl (elvish for Devil Island), Foilé Deithwen (elvish for frantic white flame), and Vort Treise (elvish for distant strength).

Downer Astonia (Colonial Holding)

Purpose: Exotic farming biome

Capital: Downer Astonia

Downer Astonia is an autonomous colony of Imperial Truidence, with Obtainable Spatula as its Colonial Lord Protector. It consists of two small islands south of Astonia proper.

Public Relations


Imperial Truidence is one of three founding members of the United Defense Front, or UDF for short. The other members were the Republic of Icenia, and the Republic of Bloom. Since then, Bloom left the alliance, they decided to leave after a vote to forcefully kick them out of the alliance was being passed through by new UDF member Columbia. Since then, Southshire, Yoahtl, and SPQR have become full members of the alliance. The relations between the empire and Bloom was quite strained, due to arrogance on the side of the latter, which is why Imperial Truidence intended to vote aye on voting them out. Currently, the empire's relations with the rest of the members of the UDF are perfectly upstanding, with them all being on the friendliest of terms.


While the country is a member of the UDF, Icenia has a special relationship with Imperial Truidence. The empire joined the server in around the same time as Icenia returned to the civ genre. As both nations grew at the same time, trade and cooperation increased. Even as Imperial Truidence joined the UNC, there were talks to make an alliance with Icenia, if nothing more, a defensive treaty. Their talks ended in creating the UDF with Bloom after the fall of the UNC. Even since then, the nation's friendship have blossomed greatly. During the current time, they both greatly share infrastructure between them, like rails, ice roads, and defensive infrastructure. In addidtion there's now precedencefor each nation to build in the other, if there is need or desire to do so.


This military alliance was created shortly before the dawn of the UDF. At the time they were viewed as the greatest threat to the UDF, but the threat of the Entente was greatly exaggarated, and the alliances soon became close friends. The UDF later joined Entente and several others in the War of The Coalition, which only improved on the already positive relationship.


In the days between the fall of the UNC, and the rise of the UDF and Entente, there was great instability in the shallow -,-. As a result of this, earlier UNC member The Grand Duchy of Varkonia extended a hand and offered the empire a defensive treaty, which would mostly benefit Imperial Truidence, as in the terms of military power, Imperial Truidence didn't have much to come up with at the time. This treaty made for a lasting friendship between the empire and the grand duchy.

The Coalition

During the Infinity War, Imperial Truidence waged war alongside many other nations and alliances. This group of friendly co-combatants called themselves the coalition. The empire fought bravely, and the coalition came out victorious in the end. The relations forged in the fire of war is lasting, and brings peace and stability to the server to this day.


Bad. Very very bad.


Hinga dinga durgen.

"This is such a nice farming area"


-An Icenian complimenting Anburon's farm, with the core Truidencian Masterfork replying in flawless etiquette.

Faen, få se ditt reinsdyr! - eatt123

Milk. Milk is very important to the Truidencian people, especially after a carton of milk appeared with the imperial flag on it during the breakfast scene in Lilo and Stitch 3: Leroy and Stitch.