Maester Alliance

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Maester Alliance
Maester Alliance Flag.png
Flag of the Maester Alliance
Kamakon-Assembly-Hall July-2018.png
Kamakon Assembly Hall
Classification:History & preservation
Headquarters:Kamakon Assembly, Mt. Augusta
Founders:SomethingSaucy, Ttocs_Is_Awe, NateMagic
Founded:Summer of 2012
Sister organisation:Order of St Marcus
Current involvements:CivClassic
Members in cities:Mt. Augusta
Discord:Maester Alliance

The Maester Alliance is an ancient order focused on preserving the stories and texts that have been written by Minecraft players into in-game books.

Shardore Tower Library

The Alliance is currently focused on managing the Shardore Tower Library in Mt. Augusta.

The book collection of the library can be found here.


Civcraft 1.0


Civcraft 2.0


Civcraft 3.0

Devoted 2.0

CivClassic 2.0