South Augusta

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South Augusta
The Socialist Merchant Republic of South Augusta, Premier Principality of the Antipodean Union
Coat of Arms
• Patrician
Preceded byMount Augusta

The Socialist Merchant Republic of South Augusta is the capital principality of the Antipodean Union occupying the southern portion of Mount Augusta. SA declared independence from Mount Augusta following the Augustan community's decision to move to CivRealms. It later merged with the Antipodean Union but maintains a separate constitution.

South Augusta is ruled by the Patrician TheOrangeWizard and the AI-driven Ministry of Information.


Included is the HD Incident of 2020, a re-enactment of the events of that day.

Image shows the Henry Draton "incident of 2019". It is believed that it actually occurred in 2020 with the issue of HenryDraton hiring thugs (one of who is now very nice) to attack the nation of South Augusta. They were beaten back.