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Portrait of Squareblob
Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsIria, MtA
Known ForCivBall, wiki admin, memes
Main ResidenceMount Augusta
Civ Servers
Iterations played onDevoted 3.0

Squareblob (stylized as squareblob) is known for creating CivBall maps, administrating the CivClassic wiki[1], and publishing numerous memes to the r/CivClassics subreddit.


Squareblob joined Devoted 3.0 and was periodically active in Iria. Squareblob became more involved with the civ-genre a few months after the launch of Civclassic 2.0. Here he joined Nevada and the new Iria. In Iria he worked on XP production and infrastructure. Prior to the escalation of the somber war, Squareblob was briefly active in Anguish. After the Fall of Lexington Squareblob traveled east. Here he lived and played in Southshire and Yoahtl. Eventually Squareblob became increasingly active in Mount Augusta, becoming Mayor in March 2019. Squareblob is also a citizen of Coventhia, where he helped build the vault, and has at some point been affiliated with Vinland, Hjaltland, Tvtopia, Maltovia and Achroma (CivEx).

As of March 2020, Squareblob's activity in game has diminished, although he remains active in the metagame.


Personal life

  • Squareblob is against the editing of ones own CivWiki page